Can we buy Mini Dodge with Credit Card?


I am new here and what have some asic from this Community. I would like to know how I can pay them because it is so much complicated buy with wallets…

I had pay a guy on Ebay to buy a Bobcat 300 miner for me.

Who is willing help me in guiding me?

My dude. Just watch voskcoins like last 8 YouTube videos. Explains alot of the beginner stuff and how easy it is to order from sites like coinbase.

If you are speaking of buying the Goldshell Mini Doge from Goldshell then no, they don’t take credit card, you can only by them with USDC on their website.

@SUNYNKA thank you… this is what I was thinking… so I need buy Eth to swap after in US coin

There is a whole lot in the crypto world that I do absolutly not understand.
One thing is, why would you want to buy Eth to swap instead of any other currency that Coinbase is supporting?

First, its not hard. Its copy the price paste in your wallets price / amount line, back to the coinbase commerce site copy the address, paste in your wallet, click send. Complete in the time frame listed.
Of course first you need a wallet filled with some btc, eth or whatever they take.
You need to buy somewhere and fill your wallet.

Samurai wallet would automatically fill in for me.
But it only handles btc.

Oh, I bought one with a cc on aliexpress, with the authorized dealer on there. Slightly more expensive that way.
You should learn to handle crypto anyway, right?

I paid with ETH for batch 3