Can you all guide me in the right direction

Hello, everyone. I want to start off saying I am new to all this. Everything sounds and looks interesting with cryptomining but searching around I have seen alot of places where they sell asics or gpus are scamers.

Lets say I have an opportunity, now that where I live i have a contract that I will pay only 150 usd monthly disregarding the usage. Currently the setup i have is standard 110-120v but I have permission and opportunity to change 220-240v.

After stating this I am wondering what you all think I should do. Either look for new asics and pay full price or look for older less efficient models since the electrical bill will not be a problem.

After this 3rd point could and would you point me to the right location where I can look for what you are recommending since like I said before I have seen alot of web browsers that are scamers and I’ve been scamed before and now I’m kind of wary of buying more.