Can you Help me Build my first mining rig?

Ok guys i want to start a serious topic , i am not really a fan of Mining yet but i would love to build something that will make money for me passively.

I am paying for electricity aboyt 0,08 euro per KWH

I not a noob with computers ( i am working as web developer) but i want your oppinion and your help of course.

I am looking to build my first mining rig with

  1. [BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO] Motherboard
  2. 4 x 580 8GB + 1 x 5700XT
  3. 1200Watt PSU 80 PLUS

Do you thing its a good start ? 1200Watt is overpower for this system ? Please make suggestion i want to entry with 1700$ max

I am following this topic!
I wanna start mining as well.

yep I also am interested in mining. So im following this topic too.

The parts in and of themselves seem fine. It really just depends how much you are paying for them. You’re also going to need a few more things… like a CPU and memory, unless they come with the motherboard. A hard drive or USB to put the OS and mining software on, and potentially some peripherals like keyboard, mouse, and monitor - unless you already have those around.

I wouldn’t suggest buying a lot of memory either. It will save you some money. To run a rig well, you don’t really need more than 8gb. The 1200w PSU will be fine. you will be pulling around 1000-1100k in power anyways. The CPU doesn’t need to be very good either, a duo core or qaudcore will work fine. You will need PCIe risers to go along with that board to use the other 4 GPUs.

going to build my first rig

will 5700xt run with 4gb ddr3 ram just for mining with one gpu

should i give my old pc a try

(parts for new rig haven’t reached yet)