Can you use an existing MoBo from a desktop to create an RX 5600 rig?

I have been watching the Voskcoin youtube channel since 2017 but never pulled the plug on actually mining because I either didn’t have the money or didn’t feel it was worth it. The price of the new AMD RX 5600 XT GPU’s plus my son’s desire to build one put me over the hump. So, I got two cards to start. Trying to save money, and having several parts lying around from some windows 7 computers that I can’t use at work anymore, I’m wondering if I could build a rig out on one of those MoBos. It seems like that won’t really be a bottleneck, as long as it has the right ports. If I have a coule PCI-e 3 ports to run both cards, would that work or am I totally off?

As long as its PCI 3.0 on the mobo you should be good. I just did the exact same thing with a old gaming mobo I had laying around and 2 2060 KO’s.

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