Canaan Avalon Nano 3 and AI

I’m thinking of buying a Canaan Avalon Nano 3… Any thoughts? Will AI affect this miner and / or others?

it’s a toy, fun to look at on your desk. unlikely to make you anything substantial.

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Why would “AI” affect a BTC miner?

if btc tripled in price without the hashrate growing then you might make some money. otherwise its a fun thing to do but will never amount to much.

Just make sure not to get the blue one. Other colors ship out faster, as dumb as that sounds.

wifi is not secure and open to various attacks
Perhaps a USB-C hub or ethernet dongle with passthru power supply port
that could allow for ethernet connection and 100w power supply
If anyone else is interested in playing around with this I can help determine which adapters to try


Yes, please and thank you.

Power adaptors? Yes please