Can't boot to anything but BIOS / looking to install windows os from SSD

Trying to install windows on my gpu rig but can’t seem to boot into anything but the bios. I have the windows os downloaded onto a kingston 120 GB SSD and it’s connected via SATA to the MOBO and PSU. MOBO is an asus b250 mining expert.

I still haven’t gone through the steps to install and activate windows on the rig though as I can’t get it to boot into anything but bios.

Just reset the bios to default to start fresh. Also, CSM is currently disabled and Secure Boot is currently Other OS.

Any thoughts on how to boot to windows os installation or reconfigure BIOS?

Use the media creation tool to make a bootable USB flash drive and boot to that. Then you should be able to install onto the SSD.

What Bick said!! Google the tool. Should be one of the first things to pop up.

Thx gents, quick question.

I believe I did this originally to download the os onto the SSD. Is it possible I need to redo it or that the files were corrupted somehow?

Use this:

Did you make sure the boot order in the BIOS is finding the drive? I know it’s a long shot but I’ve seen simple things like that happen in the past.

What you get when using the media creation tool is an installer, not an image of the OS. You can’t install Windows on the same drive you are booting from which is why you need to boot from a USB drive or a DVD. Run the media creation tool using a USB drive as the target, boot to the USB drive and you will be prompted to install Windows on the SSD.


That makes sense. I thought perhaps a partition on the SSD would work? But I could also see how that wouldn’t work. I’ll give it a try, thx. :sunglasses:

Just an FYI to anyone still checking this, I’m up and running :sunglasses:

Windows installed, GPU drivers updated and currently using nanopool since I’m more familiar with it while I research/compare other options. But all is functioning well.