Cant connect to mining pools using 5G router

Hi, If anyone can help I would greatful. Especially if someone has encountered this exact problem. I recently purchased a 5g router because its cheaper and faster than my conventional broadband connection. The problem is my miners wont connct to any pools now. I know they are configured correctly because if I plug them into my standard broadband router then they connect to the pools no problem. If I unplug the lan cable from standard broadband router after its connected to the pool and then plug it into the the 5G router then it will continue to mine and re establish a connection however it will not initialize a connection with the pool from the 5G router. If I reset my miner then it wont establish the initial connection. I currently still have the standard broadband router until the end of the month as I cancelled the contract. I have Chat GPT we have done a lot. Port forwarding, port filering, vpn, update kernels. Using command prompt chat GPT was insane at troubleshooting I connected to my miner so I can “code it” and I copy the log codes for gpt to come up with solutions. Nothing works. Firewall settings etc. I presume its because the 5G router does not have a static ip address. Now I am concerned I will need to purchase a new broadband connection again just for the miners to work. Surely their is a work around somehow? I have factory reset my miners and 5g router now becasue all the settings were so far out of standard and still didnt work. Any suggestions please? Has this ever come up before? Thanks in advance.

I have an asus Router, I’ve been using this brand for years Never had a problem but recently the Router will work perfectly fine for at least 3 or 4 months.
Then out of nowhere it won’t give full connection to the miner My network will see the miner but that’s as far as it goes And mine’s not running off of Wi-Fi. It’s hard lined.
I’ve tried modifying settings when this happens as well. Nothing seems to work the only work around that I have figured out was factory resetting my router.
I have a static IP address coming into the house So I ruled that out if you can find out what causes yours to do it I’d be curious
To know what the solution was.

Are you 100% positive the miners will connect to 5G? Could be your issue, might need the older 2.4 GHz speed, granted that defeats the purpose of have “5G” doesn’t it.

I am not a networking Guru, but know that some devices do not see “5 Ghz”, so find out what kind of Wifi board and chip is in use and verify that.

An alternative Router might be one that will let you install dd-WRT, it’s an opensource firmware, but you must verify that your router will let you install it, by checking their Supported Devices (Supported Devices - DD-WRT Wiki); If you do have to go back to 2.4ghz because of the device, pretty much all the routers now a days should offer both 2.4 and 5 GHz. But one never knows.

Personally I would be hesitant to depend on wireless and prefer to have an Ethernet line run to everything…as you and SIN are finding out the hard way. Screw the price, give me Fiber, preferrably FTTH, not FTTP, better chance of no throttling with Fiber to the Home. The way I tell is look at the upstream and downstream bandwith, if they are the same 10/10; 100/100; 1000/1000, your probably not going to get throttled, but if it’s 50/5 or anything where the upstream bandwidth is lower than the downstream bandwith, than I assume the company providing it is throttling.

One of the great things about dd-WRT, you see your actual bandwidth in real time, always, you can actually see the bandwidth fully open the millisecond you start a “bandwidth test” or “speed test” and see the pipe throttle to next to nothing the millisecond the speedtest ends.

You see the providers know you depend on these tests and they know their IPs, therefore whenever you are going to speed test your connection, they are lying to you telling you you are getting more when in reality they are throttling. All ,100%, of Cable Companies throttle their connection to you, does not matter the time of day, or where you are living. Thanks to dd-WRT, I could see that they were throttling the upstream bandwidth to as low as 200K or 300K, even though I was paying for 10GB/2GB, the only time I got that entire pipe was when I ran the speed tests, lol. If you video you are playing spools, 98
% of the time it is the upstream bandwidth that is getting throttled and causing it to need to load more before it will play.

I have fiber now, so use the Companies Router, but if I ever have any doubts or they fail to fix problems, you can guarantee that I will go out buy a current Firewall/Router that supports dd-WRT, install it and see what exactly is going on.

Hope this helps a little. There are allot of different things that can cause your WiFi not to work 100% and I would be all thumbs trying to help you further, hopefully you will find that the device supports 5G and someone else will give you better gouge to help you.

Yes. I just fixed it by connecting to a different new pool I didnt know existed. Here is what I learned. (G1 Mini ipollo) Some pools have security protocols that dont handhsake with the specific router you are using. I have a differnt branded 5g router that will link to 1 grin pool but no other pools. I want to mine MWC and using that other router that does connect to the 1 grin pool I tried everything! I turned off all the firewall. Tried multiple different settings and port forwarding etc and it still would not connect to MWC VIP pool! Long story short I thought that was the only pool available untill I just discovered that MWC now have their own pool! It must be very new. I had some trouble making it start hashing but I kbew it connected because it said 0 instead of - it seems turning on upnp in the router settings is what made it work. I cant be certain at this moment because I literally only just got it working. I dont want to mess with it too much because it did take some time to actually start hashing after the connection. And multiple resets and settings changed and another factory reset on router etc. It was a little luck but the point is I can connect to certain pools with certain branded routers no matter what settings are selected. Its a mind blow but the fact MWC made a pool and it connected is a reliefe. Now very profitable it would seem

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I was also 100% sure they would connect via 5g because I could initialize a connection on standard broadband router then swap over to 5g router and it would re establish a connection no problem. It would just not initialize the connection with the pool from 5g router after a reset. That rules out 5g not working however I always know I could connect to 1 specific pool no problem so its more than likely handshake security protocol between the specific pool and the specific make and model 5g router being used. I tried a lot of troubleshooting with all the settings. The only saving grace was the fact MWC now have their own pool giving me a second choice. Before I found that their was only 1 other pool for the whole algorithm and that pool was giving me the trouble. Nicehash has the same problem aswell. Very hard to connect over 5g router.

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