Can't decide on ASIC or GPU Mining

Ok I have 4000$ to invest in hardware. I was going to buy a Z15(Yes laugh) but I think that ZEN will continue to be stable. It has a great PoW and SDK for development. Zcash is going to halve soon and those are to the 2 major coins with on that Algo.

Right now I have a small GPU miner with 2 RX 580 8GB. That hardware is paid for a long time ago so it makes a small profit every month after elec cost. They are currently mining ETH Classic as it’s Diff is lower than ETH and there for I get a faster/bigger reward to make up on the value between the 2.

So here’s my dilemma, I want to invest in hardware for the long run. Running the numbers are now the Z15 would make a lot more than a 8 GPU miner. But that’s right now and as we all know the Z15 being ASIC and only able to run Equihash and GPU can run several Algos’.

My gut tells me that Zcash will make more profit after the halving even tho the Diff will increase and ZEN “Should” remain stable and active.

I could sit here and run numbers all day, but there are to many unknowns for ZEN and Zcash so on the surface GPU is the way to go but would take a lot longer to “breakeven”. But my gut is pushing me towards the Z15. Thoughts?
Please be nice, I’m just looking for sound advice. Please if you comment make it a statement to the argument of the pros/cons. Also if you you can provide any tools or docs to look at that would be great.

Oh I am capable of building any type of rig. I can work with just about any OS, not OSX fuck apple! Prefer Linux for GPU mining it takes less resources to run and easy to configure SW and HW.

Anyways, I tlk to much. TIA and be safe!

Have you watched any of Red Panda Mining Youtube videos on his Z15?

I watched redpanda’s updates as well. Z15 makes bank but as OP said its restrictive in algo. I would go wtih a GPU miner any day .

Hey thanks for the reply. I went both ways. I bought the Z15 and built a 12 GPU rig with RX 580 8GB cards. Waiting on the Z15. I’ll see how it goes. I figure the worst case I could sell the ASIC at about 20% loss. But it’s money I was worth losing most of. The GPU miner is already running and doing well with Cuda OS pool. Tried Nicehash OS but I didn’t like the Algo’s that it was picking.

Also DeFi has hit big (and bad so far) I did find BlockFi. I put in 1000 USD in BTC and it’s gaining 6 APY. So far it seems legit and looks very promising. It has different rate depending on which coin you deposit and you can pick a different coin paid to you from the interest paid out. Not pimping it just wanted to share it as it looks stable and pays WAY better than a savings or CD.

Check it out. If you do please use my refer link!

Non-refer link:

Thanks again for your input!

Yes I have watched them. They looked pretty good to me. I willing to take the risk. Read the other reply I made. I hope it works out great.

Thank you for the reply!

good luck w/ zentrash and the z15 :man_shrugging:

Actually it’s doing really well. It’s already paid for itself. But I’d like to know where you are getting $36/day?

As you know with the past BTC bull run, ZEC went up with it. That whole 2 weeks went really great, since you know my Z15 was already paid off.

So if you could share which pool you got that result with would be great. Thanks. Be safe stay safe!

If you’re curious, right now I’m getting ~16$ a day - ~3$ for electric. Again it’s paid for it’s self already.

I really do enjoy your videos and insights. You are really conservative with your investments, which is great because you don’t pump up what others do. As always it’s a risk and never put in more than you’re ready to lose. I bought the Z15 at a low price and I figured if it went south I could sell it and lose maybe 20-25% of my investment.

Thanks again!