Can't get KD5 to hash on Poolflare?

It hashes on dxpool, but won’t on poolflare.
Ideas? Hints?

Did you try all 3 stratum addresses for the US (assuming you’re in the US)

yes. I have other boxes on poolflare, hashing fine. this one is just not having it.

Current firmware?

2.1.0 the previous owner was on poolflare and was hashing.

Go with 2.1.5 if you can find it. If not DM me and I’ll email to you. Best firmware for KD5.
I have a few so not just an opinion. Let me know if I can help out. :v:t3:

cool. will look, into it. I have only seen 2.2.0. What are you pulling down and where. I am slightly underwhelmed with 11.7 on Dxpool.