Cant get my CPU to run mining GPU passed benchmark

CPU will not pass benchmarks but GPU just fine amd ryzen 9 3900 13 processor

What are you trying to run benchmarks with?

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before you do cpu benchmark make sure your gpus are disabled. for example if you mining nicehash disable all gpus and do bench for cpu is still give error write manually like 1h/s start mining watch what speed have your cpu and reaplace manually again enable all gpus and mining. for mining os you dont need bench if you wanna mining just enable and sellect pool wallet where you wanna mining

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if runing nicehash software all devices before start mining need bench as fallow bench showing profit is bench failed device not possible to enable for mining for his need to be done manual. i use nice around 3years

for other sotware if show 0h can be wrong set up or your mobo have missed cpu or other drivers