Can't with draw from Coinbase

I just tried to withdraw from Coinbase. I can sell the then hold the currency in exchange for “quick transactions”. This doesn’t bode well for the company. Coldstorge here I come!!!

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Coinbase sucks. They are basically a giant honey pot for less informed crypto users.

Their school teaches Dollar Cost Averaging. Lol, yeah, lets buy variable priced crypto tokens that are all based on BTC value , while BTC value fluctuates, but with Dollars. LOL (DCA only works in a uniform, regulated and backed economic system)
They really like to express the “centralized” in decentralized. They just want to “verify” your wallet and turn that ownership information over to the IRS.
In short Coinbase is nearly everything Satoshi created BTC to fight.


Is it all assets or a particular that is being troublesome? I just hold a small bit of coin there and only what has interest options that are worth anything. I haven’t tried to cash out from them and mostly just send coin out to other exchanges or wallets so I am interested in what problems I potentially have with them.

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I don’t have the option to send USD back to my account only to hold it on the Coinbase exchange.

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So you can “sell” to but can’t take you cash out I follow. Have you made sure you have completed all of their KYC?

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I switched everything over to my Ledger wallet a while back. It is less convenient, but worth the hassle in my opinion.
I do keep some USDT in Coinbase to make strategic buys when the prices drop, or I “need” to buy another miner.

coinbase has always been good to me. you should get in touch with customer service.

Never send/hold big assets on exchanges plz, if you’re not omega rich you can even use pancakeswap for limit orders and stuff man, depending if bsc appeals to you, better than having your crypto just snatched, not financial advice btw

I’d double check your account. I withdraw every week from Coinbase, including 2 days ago. So there’s nothing wrong with the exchange if that’s what you’re wondering. I’d get in touch with customer care

But their fees are ridiculous, unless there is a loop hole I’m missing? For example, I wanted to buy Bitcoin today and there was going to be a $33.00 Coinbase fee for me to do it. No thank you

What??? That’s pretty bizarre. I will say though that crypto laws & fees will literally vary from state to state and country to country. I pay very minimal fees to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase or any other exchange. It’s like a couple of bucks to buy $100 usd worth of Bitcoin

I think it is important to note if you are using CoinBase, CoinBase Pro, CoinBase One, or CoinBase Wallet as I believe each service/platform has different fee rates and requirements for all the things you can do.