pending refund status

I purchased an asic miner on on Oct 31, 2022. They emailed me shortly after that it was out of stock and that a refund will be processed through Coinbase marketplace with an additional Coinbase 1% fee.

They requested my btc wallet and I have provided it.

I have not heard back from them yet with the refund status but reviews online seem to be mixed.

I will report back on this reseller as things change.

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They are legit, don’t worry

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You’re paying a 1% fee?

The email they sent me says this exactly: “Please note that Coinbase retains a 1% percentage of your refund”

I have not received a refund or acknowledgment of my btc address yet. I will update the community as things unfold.

I did however hear good things about this company and believe they will do the right thing for long term business success. They are most likely short staffed from the bear market conditions/Covid/ect.

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Have you been refunded yet, if not just send them a follow up email with your order id or info.

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I can vouch for

I didn’t have to bother them with multiple emails or requests. They processed the refund and I got my funds back minus the expected 1% in fees.

I’ll wait for their L7s to get back in stock and purchase from them in the future.

I don’t understand why you have to pay 1% fee if they are out of stock…should be 100% refund.

It’s the transfer fee

I get that, but my point is if they have it available on their site, then after the purchase they say oh sorry, it’s out of stock, we don’t have it…they should pay the fee, not the customer.

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I get that mentality, but I would much rather pay the 1% fee rather than loose out on 100% of the funds :rofl: the amount btc appreciated in price while I waited made up for the difference :slight_smile:

Hi Dannylee808 I am experiecing a similar situation with them. Did you get your refund?

Yeah Danny can you please elaborate on your experience with casaminers? Did they resolve the situation?

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