Cheap miners for the beginner

Thinking about mining just wondering about what to purchase or maybe build?

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Hey Duane, me too…lol. Been searching the ends of the internet trying to find somthing to buy but dont want to get scammed. Just want to buy somthing reasonable a start getting some hands on experience. Anyway good luck, we’ll see if anyone can help a couple of newbees!!

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Have a look at goldshell

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Start with gpu mining. Nicehash’s quickminer is so easy its almost not fair. Their site has a profitability calculator as well .

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I’m new to it myself but Adam is telling u a great way to start. I started with Nicehash on my gaming computer then I took a computer just setting around doing nothing. I spent more then I wanted to but I now have a MSI GTX1660 super running all the time and my gaming computer when I’m not streaming Pubg. I’ve only made around $80 but I get to tinker with computers and make money. I started with Nicehash and moved to Hiveos I like its control much better.


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hi guys,
there are a lot of cheap btc miners in china bc of china mining ban. i found a list:
which one would you buy?


Where can I get a legit miner from China that they’re practically giving away?

Yeah where and how do you get these???

Info on how to buy these ,
Thank You