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Looking to do some research into Chia DIY mining. Most of the info I’ve found so far are YouTube links that are a couple years old.
Does anyone have any good reference material? Or even the Discord link for the Voskcoin group? (Not very familiar with Discord yet.)

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Here’s a direct link to the VoskCoin Discord server HDD mining channel which is pretty much all chia farming talk :smiley:


yeah try that link @VoskCoin posted. just be careful you will become addicted.

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I’ve been using a multiple of these vids

And the Chia official site to start. The above vid is useful if you are using Ubuntu Server. It’s worth a watch. I have a full node synched, running and just need to work on plotting then move the plots.

Assuming you are far enough along to understand Chia terms and know the difference between regular K32 plots and C8 GPU K32 compressed.

1 – Chia is computer hardware intensive, aka $$. But I think it’s the most cost effective farming currently especially when electricity is factored in. I run Bitman L7s ASICs as well.

2 - Farming compressed plots pays more daily income but requires more $$$ hardware.

3 – Need lots of 18Tb min drives. 18 is the sweet price point at the moment. I mine at Flexpool. Use the Flexpool chia calculator for income estimates.

4 – Figure out where all the drives will go. I have several Netapp DS4246 attached to server. You can also use a NAS since you will probably be GPU farming on your server.

5 – The biggest bottleneck in plotting is writing the finished plot across the network to the drives.

6 – I would forget Windows. Spool up an Ubuntu server assuming farming compressed plots. If you don’t want compressed, you can use Windows.

7 – Compressed plotting requires lots of server RAM. Ram is also required on your video card. For GPU can go with 8GB. 12GB is future proof. It seems you need at least 64Gb server ram. See the requirements here and digest what it says: GitHub - madMAx43v3r/chia-gigahorse

8 – Mine in the pools – flexpool, spacepool, etc. All you need is an official wallet. You do not need the full node so don’t download it (takes forever). Once you have your wallet, you can get mojo and then a plot NFT from your pool. You can’t plot until this has been done.

Do some math, how much $$ want to spend, inventory computer equipment you have and decide if you are going to farm compressed plots or not. Ponder that and post back.

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