Chia Hardware question

So, I started with a cheap SFF Lenovo M725s. It takes 90 minutes per plot. My desktop is a XPS8950, but I really don’t want to use it for plotting or farming. I was thinking of using the 725 to farm and buy something else used to GPU plot. I’m looking at a Xeon workstation like the T5810, with 1 Xeon and 256gb of RAM. But I also have seen 1U servers like the Hyve Zeus with 2 Xeon cheaper. I don’t think 2 Xeon help, but they are CHEAP.

My question is, obviously a good GPU to plot with wont’ fit in a 1U server case. BUT, could I use GPU risers (I already have) and hook up a GPU that way. Would it be a bottleneck or would that work?

I don’t need sub-10 minute plots. I just want C8 plots to get extra plots per HD. If the plot times are sub 30 minutes that’s cool. I’ve played and played with the 725s to get the plots from 160 minutes to 90 minutes, so 30 would be awesome.


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A GPU riser will work for this. This should not cause a bottleneck in anyway - as the riser is plugged directly into a USB port.

I actually did a comparison on Evergreen miners VS Hard Drive mining a few days ago.

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Post this question here as well,

Good chia related forum.

I have a Dell T5810 with 256 GB Ram and a Tesla P4. It plots k32 plots in 8 mins all day long.

Tesla P4’s go for cheap ($100). So whatever work station you buy, a Tesla P4 will give you sub 10 min k32 plots when using 256 GB RAM.

Do note that the Tesla P4 does not have any video out plug ins. So if you are not using a headless OS, you’ll have to find another way to get your monitor hooked up. And older GPU’s that use Nvidea’s legacy drivers won’t work alongside the Tesla P4 as it works with Nvidea’s newer drivers… stuff you don’t think about until you find out it won’t work…

Again, do a bit more research and head over to to get a lot of good advice!

Definitely much cheaper and also gives you the ability to take full advantage of compressed plots when going the non-evergreen route.