Chia mining and plots

Just started mining chia with my laptop and external memory 82TB… How many plots should I expect to farm. My laptop only has an i3 core but everything else is in speck to what I’ve read.

Thinking about updating my computer but not sure yet if the juice is worth the squeeze.

From my understanding CPU is mostly a factor with plotting the rest of it you don’t really need CPU power for. You have to plot before you can farm so if you have access to something else to plot with that might help you.

I’ve read the best to plot with is i9 core… just plots slower with the i3. When I left for work it had ran about 12 hrs with no plots yet.

Plotting in parallel or one at a time and have them queued up? With a lower CPU I would not try to do in parallel until you have 1 or more plots already up. I believe it is possible to plot from a different device and then farm with something else if you have access to a strong CPU for some extended time given the size of drive you want to fill.


high core count ryzen chips are also good for plotting because of the amount of threads they have.

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Running last 20 hrs and no plots created… does this look correct?

Are you creating them or just waiting for it to create them? I don’t think it auto plots I believe you need to go to the Plot tab and add/create them.

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check this out, you wont need to download the whole node which can fail at times and take forever to update.
Get Started - FlexFarmer

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Like @y2kanonomous said - You have to complete the full sync before it will even start to plot.


To farm you must download the whole node however to create plots I don’t believe you have to you just can’t earn with them until the node is done.

So this is an interesting option and wondering for this and may be in its FAQ but this will never need the full node so in theory one could trash the full node data once they no longer need the base chia app. After the initial plot is built does FlexFarmer build additional plots or would one need to build all the plots on the Chia software and add them to the FlexFarmer?

with this you dont need to download the full node ever

I did that CPU plotting with Mac mini m1 just to try and it takes a long time. You need around 3500 plots if your electricity price is not high. So it takes months to plot enough and many drives which is hard to connect to your system. I would say that dont go on with that laptop road, just to try it is ok but otherwise no point to do that.

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Yea, took about 3 days to get 2 plots. I’m going to stick with the ASIC mining.


Thread Rippers would make that much faster, but too expensive to be worth it. What do you guys that seriously mine chia use?

If you are serious about CHIA farming I would look at a dedicated server rigs with at least a Ryzen 7 and couple hundred TB of storage or just getting things like the Evergreen and Jusey miners.

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I’m running 6 Asic S19 141, 4 kA3, and 2 KS0… these are all simple to get mining. Chia seems to be a pain.

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