Chia Mining Essentials

Okay so since there are many people who are surging into the discord after the chia launch asking question about how to mine chia here are the essentials

  1. To mine chia you will need a lot of hard drive space you will need a minimum of 239GB and a minimum of 2 threads per plot
  2. Chia is proof of space not proof of work
  3. To efficiently mine chia you will need a 1TB nvme m.2 Ssd to plot
  4. The SSD will write the plots to an HDD
  5. Plotting speed depends on your CPU speed , your CPU threads , RAM capacity and your SSD write speeds.
  6. If you are going to add a nvme ssd to your pc to mine chia you will need a Pcie to nvme adapter
  7. External SSD’s will plot slower than internal SSD’s
  8. Make sure to check the TBW on your nvme ssd this will dictate the life expectancy of your ssd
  9. Chia is meant to be a green technology mining chia is not as power consuming as an asic miner
  10. If you would like to check your profitability with your current setup use this calculator
  11. To check the current price of chia use this link

Feel free to add to this post!