Chia $XCH Farming - 25 Days Overview

Hi, I’m Joel, an editor at VoskCoin, I’ve been here for more than 2 years at this point. This is one of my recent top performing video Over $40,000 of Kaspa Miners… How did that go…, I’m here to share my experience and views on the Evergreen Chia HDD miner, that I received about 25 days ago. Enough about me lets dive into it.

Received my Evergreen Tails Edition Plus Kit (Prototype Version) at the end of December, 2023. It looks awesome with the orangey vibe as shown in the above image. It package contained 4 Hard Disks of 16 TB each at C3 compression, an Evergreen Hub and the power supply.


  1. Setting up this miner was pretty easy:
  2. Unbox the Evergreen Farmer
  3. Connect the HDD hubs to Evergreen hub
  4. Connect the power cords
  5. Download Evergreen app (iOS or Android)
  6. Create your Chia wallet
  7. Backup seed phrase
  8. Make sure your phone and the Evergreen is in the same network
  9. Find your farmer using the app
  10. Follow the instructions to set it up and start farming
    If you need a detailed tutorial for setting up this miner follow the video below by VoskCoin:
    How To Set Up Evergreen Miner the BEST Chia XCH Farmer!


The Evergreen farmer was setup and started farming on 8th of January, 2024 and the estimated farming rewards are as shown below with an effective 24hrs space approximately around 70 TB.

Until now I have received 0.326326 $XCH which is worth appx $10 USD instead of the estimated revenue of approximately around $13.75 USD. Note that my miner had a few days of downtime due to technical issues unrelated to Evergreen farmer, which can contribute to the reduction from the estimate.

This miner is also pretty quiet on operation as shown above, I use it near my PC and it does not cause any distractions to me while its running. Its a perfect miner to install in an office or home.


The average power consumption of the miner is around 30W as specified by the manufacturer. From what I have measured for my kit I have seen power consumption ranging from 18W to 22W. My miner runs on a 220V power line. The below image shows the Evergreen kit’s real-time power consumption.

So by taking this into account, at 20W this farmer consumes 0.48 kWh per day, which equates to $0.048 USD at $0.1 USD/kWh per day. So for 25 days my farmer used $1.2 USD in electricity cost and $10 USD in revenue, which made a pure profit of $8.8 USD.

If you are interested in this miner you can get one for yourself from the below link:
Buy Evergreen farmer

This miner at the initial cost of $1,399 is a good choice for someone who has limited electricity and would like to mine some crypto, its lower power consumption and small footprint makes it an ideal choice in that scenario. It does not have the ROI like ASIC miners for Bitcoin, Kaspa or any other for that matter and its not a fair comparison since those miners are power hungry, loud and have a larger footprint.

Nothing in this post can be considered as a financial advice, I’m just sharing my review on the Evergreen Chia farmer.


So if things stay the same, it will take 11 years to break even?

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appreciate you sharing this evergreen miner voskcoin tails edition kit review Joel, I think the big standout performance here, is the earnings vs power consumption, unfortunately HDD + a plug and play product carry a premium.

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Hi, from the earnings of my machine it seems so.

Make it around 22 years when the halving happens. lol.