Chicken Fast cloud Mining

Hey Vos
Not sure if you ever heard of Chicken Fast cloud mining. Seems legit. Any thoughts?

How did it work for you? I just turned $200 worth of BTC into about $160 worth of ETH via cloud mining on this site… not sure why anyone would do it. Total bust for me.

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Any thoughts or problems with ChichkenFast?

I have some $$$ with them, haven’t had any issue so far. Trying to figure it out if I should send some more, but there is little information from them out there. Their website company since 2015 thing doesn’t sound legit - the domain was created in 2015 but on WayBack you can see the site was a restaurant and became crypto mining end of 2019. I saw some explanations about they are in HK and not much data before they became public in the US bla bla bla. The 12% return sounds reasonable, payout works fine… in general no issues but still have some trust issues. =P