Ck box earnings and rejection rate

Hey y’all just curious as to what y’all are experiencing in ASIC CK box profits and rejection rates.

Currently getting 6% reject rate and about 80 ckb per day.

The difficulty I think has gone up quite a bit. I dont think I would have bought one if I realized how fast the difficulty increases. I have been running this for 45 days and it got 130 when I started. At this rate the ckbox isn’t going to be profitable in about 2 months.

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I am not even getting 75 per day now. It used to be around 120-130 per day per box. The difficulty when I started was around 1E now it’s around 1.8E. I think at this rate if the CKB price doesn’t show any progress we might not even get the cost of box and electricity covered for 15-18 months.

Lets all be optimistic and hope that the price of CKB rises. That’s all it matters for all of us. We will all be happy once it hit 5 cents!


That’s the only hope, with all the additional miners coming on board and with CK6 being delivered, I have to now factor that it will take further hit than the current earnings.

Thanks guys that’s right about where am at. Yea I hope the ck coins increase in price as well!

Where do you see the difficult level at?

In the pool which you are mining into. They show the difficulty level of the network

With the CB box profitability decreasing, do you think Goldshell will make a strong version of the CB Box? What is the daily CK reward now?

Ckb earning have increased surprisingly for the past couple days. The popularity of this miner seems to be diminishing for obvious reason though I’m a huge fan of the nervos project…