CK6 hashboard down

Hello all, my CK6 recently had a hashboard go down. Anyone have much experience with troubleshooting them and maybe know where to find a replacement? Also, can I just run it with a hashboard unplugged?

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Goldshell after-sale

Take apart air blow it out, unplug clean and replug/ fasten all the cables back in the control board. May or may not fix the issue. I did and luckily my ck6 is still hashing great


They want me to send it back, but won’t tell me what it will cost…

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Thanks, I tried all that and still no go. But I just unplugged the hashboard and am now mining with 3 of them. Better than nothing I guess.

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I’ll send you a PM I recently started to send my Asic repairs to, they are located in the US and has been great on communication. They maybe able to do the repair more cost efficient vs international shipping and waiting several weeks with goldshell warranty/repair center. Just stating this cause I’ve used them 6+ times

If you need a new replacement CK6 hash board, please contact ZEUS MINING sales. We provide spare parts for all kinds of miners, if you don’t find the related products on the website, you can directly ask the sales whether they are in stock.
You can also find goldshell other accessories here.

Goldshell there are also maintenance points in the United States, you can ask where to send.