CKB difficulty is rising really quickly!

Within few hours +39%. I guess C1 pros are producing more and more. Mining with K5’s is getting tough! I checked that in most expensive electricity areas (Europe) K5’s are already going “under water”, and K5’s not paying the electricity bill anymore :flushed:

Yep got burned here unfortunately, haven’t made half the ROI yet… Ah well.

Half?! … I have mined less than a week with my K5. But the thing is that CKB might rise significantly in the future!

also dropping very quick

True! Difficulty goes up and down but overall trend is unfortunately up with a high angle :slightly_frowning_face:

If the difficulty trend keeps this pace it doesn’t take a long time before all* K5’ Are nonprofit machines.

*except those pro rigs with electricity costs super low

Yes half, got it nice and early thankfully but still it will take another 2 years to ROI at $1.50 profit/day. Someone selling one for £1100 on eBay, I’d take that right now. In fact I’d take half of that!

That’s what I’m praying on,might be good later on down the road if enough people jump of the bandwagon. 3 TH/s is pretty nasty,Can’t get much bigger for an asic miner. Fingers gonna stay crossed. I have a quick 220 on the way and if it gets here before my miner sells on ebay then ima just start mining and hope for the ups

The recent big bump and then drop in Nervos CKB network hashrate was pretty weird, makes you wonder if its a giant miner batch that was tested, or a much better miner, or a big private farm or what…

Here is the most recent mining profitability of the Bitmain Antminer K5

Here is the most recent mining profitability of the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro, it’s all over the place because this ASIC miner is unstable, especially at hotter temperatures.

Hmmm hashrate back above 10PH/s now. Good job the coin price is up too!

Yes, looked like a test. Something with large farm anyways. Intresting to see what happens next. :thinking:

Nice to hear also Vosk how your C1 pro is doing!