CKB solo mining

Hello all,

Given the very little profit I’m getting from my CK box, I’m considering running solo for a few days. What pool/site you recommend for this?


both and are okay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do these sites support solo mining?

I don’t know much about this, but I guess it’s not,

2miners has solo ckb mining.


Will give it a try. Thanks!

I was solo mining on 2miners but solo rewards came to a halt and I’ve been looking for a new solo pool since I left 2miners. Havnt found ine yet.

On 2 miners I was getting about 5 blocks a week for 2 months then all of a sudden went dry for 9 days so I quit 2 miners.

I use 2miners solo!

I too use 2miners solo. I have 2 CK6’s working and I have received 4 blocks in the last 24hrs. It’s hit and miss really. For awhile I was pool mining and with solo mining I am coming out ahead a bit. I don’t sell my CKB so for me it’s worth the risk. Just keep in mind with 2miners, solo mining difficulty is a bit high right now. There are alot of miners online however I have been monitoring the total count of miners and it has been decreasing daily as the price goes down and people take their miners off line or switch back to pool mining.

What do you mean that they came to a halt. Did it stop working or you just got out of luck?


Silly question, I have 5 ck box miners currently on 2miners. What if I put one box solo, what are the chances I ever hit a block? or too little hashrate?

LIke playing the lottery but with slightly more chances. You can easily make the math taking data and numbers from CKB pool (total hashrate/time it take to find each block)

I agree it’s the crypto lottery. I have been averaging about 600 ckb per week per CK6 more than if I was to put them in a pool. For me, this works since I don’t sell my CKB unless it hits .025 cents plus (to recoup the intial miner costs). I also float my electrical costs meaning I only buy a miner if I can afford a whole year’s of electrical bill up front. This allows me to sell when ckb is on a run and not forced to sell each month to pay for electricity.

You can use the 2cryptocalc or any crypto miner calculator in conjunction with 2miners CKB solo stats and you can get a possible total you could make. It has been pretty close to being correct. Again, it’s really hit and miss. Difficulty, the amount of miners and luck all play a role in payout.

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Yeah I feel you – I hit 3 blocks in a day 3 days ago, then nothing for 3 days, then 2 blocks today…I too am averaging about 500ckb more per day as a solo w/ 2x CK5 since I started about two weeks ago.