Claymore Dual ETH mining worth it? (decred/siacoin)

Claymore claims that its dual miner allows you to connect to a second pool and mine Decred/Siacoin without decreasing hash rate for ETH mining. Has anyone played around with this?


So, I got the configuration and am mining DCR… it is not worth it. The pool I am in has a 1% fee on There is no return on this. shows a $0.03 annual revenue. Unless you want to save up extremely small quantities of DCR this isn’t worth doing. My GPUs were running over 30Mh/s before dual mining. They’re just slightly above 29Mh/s during.

I switched back to ETH only and they returned to over 30Mh/s. So, my consensus is that Claymore is incorrect. Dual mining does have a slight cost to your ETH hash rate!


Would also be interested in finding out more information on this @Jubin.

Seems a no brainer if theres no cost in eth hashrate. Found this to get me started

Can’t see any @VoskCoin videos on YouTube regarding this unless I’m blind. Let us know if you give it a go. :+1:

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The claim that it doesn’t cost etc hash rate was definitely what set the alarms off for me :laughing:
Siacoin wallets seem like a real pain to set up and work with, so I’m probably going to try and set up dual mining with Decred. Coinomi’s mobile app supports Decred!

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did you ever get the dual miner working? I am trying to figure it out now in HiveOS?

It’s not worth it. Dual mining has a very small tax on ETH hashrate and an increase in power consumption.

You won’t be able to mine much DCR or Sia since both network are mined with ASICs. Difficulty is just too high.

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