Claymore dual miner

Hi guys, I’m very new to mining and have a question if anyone can help out, Why aren’t I able to run claymore for more than 3-4 hours without it freezing up? running 5 rx580 stock bios and clock @ 60 deg and a evga 1600T. Any reliable software I can run for ETH on WIN10?

Had the sam problem, I tried a biger psu that did solve it kind of but still freezed somtimes. I moved to HiveOs without any issue there.

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I would try Phoenixminer very similar to Claymore but AMD has better stability with Phoenix

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im runing claymore 3 weeks without problem on eth 6x rx580 8gb hynix mod bios 31.023mhs on windows 10

im use 2psu 700watt first psu 3gpu motherboard second psu 3 gpu no problem to runing

mod bios annd with msiafterburner drop voltage my stock use 130watt and 10mhs per card mod use 83-87watt and 31.032mhs per card. if you need help to mod bios and drop voltage message me


So I tried phoenix miner rec by MeatyMouse, still haven’t mod bios phoenix miner would run for about 8 hours then i get gpu 1 not responding and freezes both times after about 8 hours running. Should I mod bios? would it fix my problem?

first think what you shut do after buy rig mod bios as you lost now gpu hash plus burn alot power. if freezing possible problem with drivers

I was having the same problem then I changed my overclocks a bit and it hasn’t happened since

I would get 1 GPU with 0 Hashrate and the rest of the GPU would submit invalid shares once i redid the overclock and went a bit higher because for my GPU you underclock for best results and it utrns out i was pushing them too far once I backed them off a bit I had no more problems

what if i ran factory settings and still froze, should i bios mod?

that is risky if your are not careful I haven’t ever done it so I couldn’t say if that would help you or not are all of your GPU’s identical?

yes, when you say risky please explain

a mistake could turn your GPU into a “brick” meaning it will no longer function at all and it will also void the warranty if you have one

I been watching the vosk coin tutorial seems straight forward? Even if you save your factory bios?

it is all depends on your comfort level with things like this but everyone always warns to do this at your own risk I was going to do it then when I got the $350 GPU in my hands I got scared lol I am going get a $100 RX 580 to play around with this weekend

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Are you guys using the latest AMD drivers available? if not which one?

im already talk to you if you need help properly mod plus overclock and other stuff to setup i help. but you ignore my help as i have same gpus done my mod and other stuff

you will not brik if you do how need to do for etch card as any brik mod you can reflash to oem

I really appreciate you trying to help me I really do, I just can’t have someone I don’t know take over my computer on team viewer thank you again I’m gonna try to mess with some settings on msi and see if that will help keep my rig mining more stable.