Claymore mining problems

So I was running claymore miner program mining ETH it did a normal restart and now keeps saying not enough ram to mine this coin and this gpu can’t mine this coin.

Any updates I missed or something I need to edit to fix

Claymore isn’t being updated anymore. Switch to Phoenix or TRM.

Yeah, about this.
I’m completely useless with putting the correct rig configuration together in smooth. Any guidance?

Running RX580 8gb cards


Phoenix Miner 5.3b is out … there are included a couple of dozen sample batch files to start the miner.

If you can find, say an ETH batch file with your favorite pool, you are half way there.

Just put your -pool ;lkdsjf;lkasjf and -eworker “rig name” and most important -ewal 0x;lksjf;laskjdf;lsdkjf which is your wallet address.

Save and run the batch file. If windows, the defender will bitch about the virus possibility choose allow.

Go to your pool and enter your wallet address… you should now see your dashboard…

The rest is on you. 2miners gives examples for T-rex but I’m liking Phoenix miner.

Thanks man.

Wound up running LOLminer. Dev fees are 1%. So its decent.

Now to figure out why my gpu 3 keeps going into zombie mode. Think it’s dead

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