Cleaning and taking apart S19j pro

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I have a S19j pro and it’s getting a bit dusty, was wondering if there is certain tutorials or sprays to clean it up ? I looked online and most of the things I found useful had a problem (they void the warranty)


I use an electric blower to blow the dust out. Turn off your machine, use the blower to blow through the machine in the opposite direction of its normal airflow. I take mine out to my garage and just fire the dust outside. If you keep after it and do that you should help your machine from it building up too much dust. Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot, but wouldn’t that send the dust to the chip boards ? And they are kind of harder to get them out of there since u need to open it up ?

Electric blower = hair dryer in cold mode?

You should be able to remove the fans just remember which way they go. Once removed you can blow thought with dust buster or any of the PC compressed air cleaners.

I have an eGO electric leaf/shop blower I use

The compressed air cans also work, you just need to keep the can upright and be careful the liquid co2 doesn’t come out.

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What you have is a BEAST. lol i’m sure it would blow the dust off in seconds! How far do you stand behind the miner when you operate this?

Well, if it’s very dirty and you want it to be very clean . . . Immersion Mining manual: How to prepare ASIC miner for the immersion cooling? - YouTube

Basically he uses compressed air then cleans the heat sinks with pure isopropyl alcohol (the 99%+ pure stuff, not the 70% stuff) and a soft brush

Thank you everyone, really appreciated

I use an air compressor with one of these blow guns, got the gun from harbor freight for $8. If you want to be extra thorough follow @Zilina 's advice. Or take the boards out of the units and get a more direct blast of air, if you do it frequently the dust shouldn’t cake onto the board as much.

Better yet, buy some air filters and install them so you don’t get dust in your asics in the first place.
Project farm did a video on filters Best Furnace Filter Brand? 3M Filtrete vs HoneyWell BestAir, Nordic Pure, Flanders EZ Flow - YouTube