Cleaning up past investment mistakes

When I was new to crypto/BTC I wanted to try it all, and was naïve.
I do not blame anybody but myself.
In one video around August/September 2020 sponsored a VoskCoin video, and the former proved pretty fast to be a scam. I have searched for the domain name on this forum and found two posts about it, both of which do not answer my question.
I have contacted a lawyer who will give me credibility to the tax authorities, because at this point the money I sent to unlimited is stated as my fortune, which I in turn have to tax for. With BTC on the rise this fortune keeps on growing.
One small, yet important, part of gaining this credibility is to prove that I believed it was legit, and therefore I need to find the exact video where VoskCoin was sponsored by unlimited-hash. That’s it. I am not blaming anybody but myself, but a little tired of running through one video after the other on 1.75X speed.
If the moderator can message me with the correct video without posting this topic I am even more happy.
Kind regards and thank you for any help out there.