Cloud mining sites return on investment safety

Anybody here did any cloud mining, what’s the best and safest site for it? Anybody got any numbers ( RIO, total value earned etc…)?

Looking for answer too

I’ll jump in, I mine on phones only for cloud mining on cryprotab, cloud earning (Fone previously Phoneum), Coin App (XYO), and uplexa. I cant say I’m bringing in much to write home about. Cryptotab is good if you literally can check in every two or three hours and not miss it. You can stack a little bag of Sats. Fone and UPX aren’t worth much per coin just can stack a bag of them and it’s totally passive income. You won’t be rich but you can have a heavy bag and hope the coins take off. With 5 phones on UPX I’ve been able to get a nice bag 80k+, cryptotab earn about $1-2 a week in BTC, not much but it’s $1-2 more then you actually had, if you just look at it that way. XYO isn’t my strongest because I don’t travel too much my phones are stationary around my house. I’d say since start months ago I’ve managed to earn 20k coins which is around 5-6 XYO I believe.

And thing else I’ll be glad to answer. I am always looking to find new projects and will update as they come around.