Co-location services

Does anyone have any experience and suggestions for colocation services? I would like to send some of my current miners and then perhaps buy new ones and have them shipped directly to the hosting location. I have 10p electric rate in the UK and would like to move them somewhere cheaper and reduce the heat and noise that is becoming more of an issue for my family as the British summer (if we get one) looms :slight_smile:

I was on Nerdgearz looking at the custom GPU they sell for mining and noticed they also provide hosting services. I didn’t really get many specifics on it though but I think I remember something about .04 cent USD electric rate.

Thanks :+1: It looks like they’re not ready to take orders yet but that kind of price is great, it just depends on their monthly rental and shipping costs for my current batch. I think going forward I’ll send new miners directly to a hosting company, just need to find the right one first! Does anyone else use them?