Cohosting with Compass

I am looking into purchasing an S19 Pro for a cohosting location with Compass. Right now they have a location available for cohosting in Nebraska at .065 kwh with an upfront cost of $8200 for the miner and a lead time of 7 months.

Does anyone here use Compass for cohosting?

Things like downtime, repairs, and hidden fees are my biggest concerns.

It appears that the hosting fee is included in the kwh price. Is this right?

If this rate holds, some rough calculations indicate one s19 pro could mine up to a half a Bitcoin before the next halving. Right now I see a total overhead cost as roughly $11.8k to mine this half a coin in this time frame at full uptime. What am I missing in these costs?

I am sure I am missing some costs here, I would like to understand the expenses better before I contact them.

Who is familiar with cohosting with Compass?

Thanks for any insight, I am a mining noob and this seems like an easy way to get involved.


I got an AntMiner S19j Pro scheduled to be online at the Nebraska colocation mining farm with Compass Mining @ 10/31/2021.

I also have 2 AntMiner L7 both scheduled to be online by 01/10/2022 at the same Nebaska colocation mining farm with Compass Mining.

I will give updates as of how everything goes with them.

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Is this a recent purchase? I only see a mini mining bundle which is overly complex and expensive.

I made those purchase back in July when the L7 was available for US$14k and the S19j Pro was available for US$7.5k.

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I bought in July (s19 100TH) for $7500 that was supposed to be online Sep 30th but there was an issue with the SC facility, so the date was pushed to Oct 31 and the price per kwh increased to .069 from .062. They did offer to send my miner to me or give me a full refund. I chose to wait.

To their credit they did give me $500 towards power or the purchase of a new miner. I am willing to give them more time to get the kinks worked out of their model. I actually really like them and the MOQs are low.

The bundles are really a measure of your bullishness on btc. If you think it is going up drastically it is a way to scale and hedge. If you think there will be a sustained pullback or less volatility then wait and scale piecewise.

The miner shortage and increased price of btc has lessened their ability to supply miners and they also seem short on rack space so they need to overcome both hurdles to be a force in the mining industry. Long term I am bullish on the model and BTC but make the best decision for you. I will post an update once my miners are online and running.

Edit: Regarding the bundle… Another way to look at it is purely from a supply chain standpoint. You could source 6 miners now via a 3rd party and just host with them depending on the availability of space. I am contemplating that strategy myself. Sourcing miners and hosting locally until space is available in their data centers at a more advantageous kwh cost.

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I’m impressed they did that. Keep us updated!

I thought I would post an update regarding my experience with Compass. I received a notification yesterday of further delays pushing my online date several more weeks. I reached out for further details to find out the miners have not yet shipped from the supplier to their DC due to delays with the cargo ship. No additional details or credits were offered.

I am unimpressed by their ability to manage their supply chain and their facilities at the moment.

Hopefully they can get the ship headed in the right direction soon. I will post further updates as they develop.

I still like their model, but just be careful and realize they have some gaps they need to overcome as they grow.


Good to know! Please let me know what happens. I am looking into sourcing hardware to potentially host with them. It is good to get feedback on their reliability.

I’ve been hashing with my S19j Pro 96TH since Oct 26, and so far they are taking great care of it!

I can say their customer support on Discord is top notch!
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you have to realize that this has nothing to do with compass. do some research and you’ll find out that the supply chain around all industries are suffering.

I disagree that it has nothing to do with Compass. My view is that they have not managed their supply chain well given the well known shipping/transit/chip issues. If the original on line date was August why are they just coordinating delivery in October, given the known challenges? The original delay was due to delays at the facility. The repromise was the end of October and they coordinated delivery like the supply chain was in a normal state. I am well aware of the many challenges of today’s supply chain. I just don’t think they planned well, and that reflects poorly on them in my mind.

Now, I am not against anyone using them and I very well may buy more from them. I am just posting my experience and opinion of what they could do better. I am a supply chain manager and I can tell you that good companies have found ways to adjust to the current state.

Just an update, my miners are finally online. Compass eventually offered another $500 credit due to the delays. In the end I still recommend them, just beware that they are struggling to manage their supply chain and that delays are probable.

I’ve been thinking about sending my miners to them, as I have a couple that I don’t have space for at the moment, and they are sitting unused. What is the pricing structure? I see the different KWH rates on their site, but is that all that you pay or is there a monthly hosting fee, setup fee, etc…?

For the miners provided and hosted by them their kwh fee is all in. I don’t think they are accepting miners for just hosting at the moment, but reach out to them for official comment. Hosting capacity seems to be limited for several companies that provide hosting.

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The kWH is all included, at least I did not paid setup fee for my miner.

So far they are not accepting miners from customers at the moment, only unless you buy a miner from them and they colocate to one of their facility partners.

They say that they might start accepting sometime in 2022.

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