Coin apps and usage

Why are these coin apps so difficult to use to purchase coins. I just wanted to buy a few baby Shiba inu coins so I had to open up a new app and transfer from Coinbase to my new app trust wallet, then I have to transfer coins to pancake swap, which i have not been able to do. Then you are suppose to turn coins from pancake swap into baby Shiba Inu to get the coins. Wow is that crazy.

Is there a easier way to buy coins then adding a bunch of apps and wallets?

Help the rookie Vosk plz :pray:

Hey their i hope this answers your questions , first off you should find the safest and low fee route well here are the best 5 sites with thier withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amount i am assuming you want to withdraw to trust wallet or any other wallet for that matter.

1.Poloniex -------> Withdrawal Fee= $2.19-------->Min . Withdrawal = N/A
2.CoinEx ---------> Withdrawal Fee= $3.92-------->Min. Withdrawal = $7.84 ---------> Withdrawal Fee = $2.19-------> Min. Withdrawal =$422.13
4.binance ---------> Withdrawal Fee = $14.93-------> Min. Withdrawal =$29.9
5.Kucoin ---------> Withdrawal Fee = $14.93-------> Min. Withdrawal =$29.9

Now these numbers were taken from this site and it varies over time so DYOR SHIBA INU (SHIB) withdrawal fees: comparison at 11 exchanges
So once you’ve select the best exchange purchase Shiba INU from their and withdraw from the exchange to your trust wallet or meta mask wallet.:smile:

Thank you for info, very helpful :grinning: