Coin Mining Central request for reviews / feedback

Hi all,

New to the forum, thanks in advance for reading and any replies.

I am looking to make a purchase from Coin Mining Central and was wondering if anyone on the forum has experience doing business with them and whether you have any feedback that you could provide.



I have never use them myself but I haven’t heard anything bad about them on here and Vosk is always talking about his good experiences with them.


I placed an order with them about a week and a half ago, I will keep this thread updated on my experience. I bought future orders, so we’ll see next month when/if they come in and what kind of extra fees if any are billed to me on delivery.

Payment was semi smooth, used Coinbase Commerce. Do to the USD/GBP conversion the price came back as an underpayment. The first one, off only by a few USD so they just marked the order as paid in their system but it still showed as canceled on my account. I had them create a new invoice all together and mark that as paid. Little concerning but for what its worth, they send you all transaction history for the chat. So if anything, it shows they confirmed payment and have it marked as paid.

So far the customer service has been good. Very responsive. The UK address is virtual, so they based elsewhere.

If you can wait, let me provide some feedback next month. I did the Vosk no no and the order was for some Z15s, hence the future order.


I’ve ordered 2 miners from them over the past 6 months with no issues happily. Mulling over whether to get another one atm. Great communication throughout and fast delivery, the miners came a day after they received them.

I’m trying to find out about AKminer - does anyone have any experience with them?


Thank you all for the feedback!

I think it would be great to gather feedback on this vendor here, and if I end up placing an order with them I will do the same.

They have been very responsive by e-mail and I was able to speak with a rep over the phone which was also a very good sign.


Congratulations, unique shop Visk Coin


Had no problems dealing with this outfit. Fast delivery of my kit. No issues, you should be fine, all the best, secretsurfer101

Similar experience to Sonic. Order was canceled and miner showed up before the one sent from an actual manufacturer. Although both orders were placed at a around the same time. Delays are all too costly and my hats off to anyone risking a “preorder”.


We’ve been working with Gavin of Coin Mining Central for over a year now, and he’s always been a pleasure to deal with.

We haven’t ordered miners from him, but he has sourced over a dozen miners for us to review on the VoskCoin YouTube channel. This is incredibly helpful because many of these miners are hard or nearly impossible to source, especially at a low volume order quantity of… 1. Working with Gavin has allowed us to lead the way in ASIC miner reviews and tutorials, and really just be able to give real insight to the mining profitability with them.

We know some of our community members have ordered from coinminingcentral with good results, and out of all the resellers we have talked to/worked with/or TRIED to work with lol he is definitely one of the better ones. I have had a video chat with him before, and he works on this business with his brother.

I would never risk our reputation recommending a site/service that I did not think could deliver (quite literally) to you all, as losing our reputation because of someone scamming that we recommend, is the same as just losing VoskCoin as a whole.

Also as a quick reminder, they offered to giveaway the Bitmain Antminer K5 they sent us to review, so why not cast your name in the hat for a chance at winning a free miner? :smiley:


What a good question. You raise many good talking points vosk.

amazing vock , love this !!! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Je ne les pas encore utilisé pour le moment , néanmoins je n’ai jamais eu d’avis négatif sur le sujet et je suis impatient d’avoir ma première expérience avec eux et de vous là partager.

No experience so far but according to what i have read…they seem trustworthy

They are legit. Just got my Z15s. Kept me updated on shipping, DHL shipped w/tracking.

Mining right now at 458k/sols. Will be a return customer.

Can you show pictures of your miner?

Sorry for the delay.

Boxes are up in my attic, its Texas and hot as hell.

Like I said, so far so good. I put another order in for additional Z15s for July batch, I will update this thread.