Coin mining central ? scam or not?

I wanted to buy an asic (S19J 90TH/s) mining from “coin mining central” and I got ripped off by this company :frowning:

And yet I checked several website( youtuber Voskcoin and more + ) before buying and saw that this company was Trust.

I have all the proof that I paied in BTC + all emails that I have exchanged between me and “coin mining central” with Bradley Finder
No more email exchange with this compagnie …

Do you have any tips how I could get refund or get back my BTC. $8000/Us ?

You too? Smh they a scam

@four5z what is your story with this company and when it has happened ?

Check recent post

i never used them, but i don’t think they are scam. you have to understand the amounts of emails these asic companies receive everyday. i believe they are short on staff and overloaded with orders at this time

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when did you make the purchase? was your order “in stock”?

I understand the situation that is missing staff
He wrote to me and I am awaiting for refund
I will write tomorrow to explain how I dealt with the situation.

I hope you get your money back soon! tell us how it went!

I just received the transfer Yes …

My solution was to write a negative comment on the discussion forums like here
After 1 hour I received an email and I undertook to remove the negative comment in return for my money transfer

A story that ends well

I hope you understand because it is not my official language!!

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