Coin Mining Central vs BT-Miners

VoskCoin, being a miner, and Crypto Youtube channel with a big focus on mining has a very unique view into the cryptocurrency mining sector and especially ASIC miner manufacturers and resellers. Because of this and our dealings in emails, calls, and private chats, if you are considering using Coin Mining Central or BT-Miners we heavily would recommend Coin Mining Central over BT Miners as they have consistently had better pricing, more transparency, and a more favorable relationship with customers as well as affiliates.

You can also get the best pricing at both of these places using our links and code VOSKCOIN!

Coin Mining Central (code = voskcoin)

BT-Miners (normally they have a coupon code at the top of the website)

really?! i havent compared in a little bit. but btminers seems to have better pricing. although i still would go with coinminincentral considering btminers is just a branch of a ccp owned company.

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