Coin mining central

i recently purchased a mini doge miner from coin mining central. i have serious doubts about this distributer. i wounder if anyone has ordered a mini doge miner from cmc and whether they received their miner. the company have stopped corresponding with me they also have not indicated when the miner will be sent or confirmed shipment. its nerve racking.

Goldshell has a good track record of delivering their products. I have also ordered products from Coin Mining Central in the past and received them without issue. My guess, is Goldshell has not yet shipped them to CMC. I have also had CMC return my funds one time when the item on their side was out of stock.
Hope your experience is the same.

I have ordered ASIC miners from CMC and had good success. Their after-sale service was pretty good too. Not awesome. Be sure that you were on the “real” site and not some counterfeit. You should have received order confirmation as soon as your crypto payment went through. If you didn’t pay with crypto (BTC), then it wasn’t CMC.

You should just order the Goldshell Mini Doge VoskCoin edition directly from the actual manufacturer … Goldshell