Coinbase alternatives?

I am using Coinbase but it seems every time I transfer funds into my account, it takes about 1 week before I can withdraw the funds to purchase a miner. I see the companies use USDC for me to purchase miners.

When purchasing crypto coins like Bitcoin, if the market rate is $56,100, Coinbase’s price to trade is $56,400. They are always about $300 over the current market. Of course, they also take a percentage.

Is this normal or are there any suggestions for an alternative to Coinbase?

Thank you.

I purchased my ASICs with USDC on Coinbase Pro. No problems. But I also went through full KYC. I can also onboard US$ instantly into my account because of this. I haven’t done much with regular Coinbase in quite a few years so I don’t know what their limitations on funds flows are.

I’ve moved away from CB Pro for the most part and typically use Kucoin now. I rarely trade spot and now almost always use limit orders. There’s also a difference between maker/taker fees (maker pays lower fees and a limit order essentially helps make a market) on any exchange that I’ve ever used.

And yes, there can be some arbitrage opportunities from one exchange to another - particularly with altcoins

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I will check out Kucoin. Thanks.

I think, Kraken is better than Coinbase. In Kraken you can buy crypto with your fiat from just 0.16%, using a fee free deposit method and on Coinbase the lowest fee you can get is approximately 2.49%.

Why not use decentralized dexes to manage your crypto? example zapper, keecoin apboard …
Coinbase is the top but they are always centralized.

I’ve seen kraken but the withdrawal costs don’t seem as good to me as coinbase.

  • binance wire transfer withdrawal is still disabled?