Coinbase COIN Stock Will MOON?! Coinbase AIRDROP?! International Perpetual Futures Trading!

Coinbase COIN stock set to MOON Coinbase AIRDROP and International Perpetual Futures Trading! Brian Armstrong and the Coinbase team are sick of Gary Gensler, the SEC, and Binance – ohhh it is gonna be an exciting year for COIN! Buy the best miner for 2023 here - Evergreen

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Coinbase is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, one of the most interesting stocks you can buy the Coinbase COIN, and now instead of being bullied by the us government and its entities like the securities and exchange commission SEC Coinbase has decided to SUE THEM. Binance, Gary Gensler, and everyone else better watch out because Brian Armstrong is poised to build the next Goldmans Sachs in the digital era… Oh and they even launched their own freaking blockchain the Coinbase BASE ethereum layer 2 protocol!

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00:00 Why you should be backing Coinbase!
00:54 Coinbase International Exchange goes live
02:19 Coinbase sues the SEC after being threatened
02:55 Coinbase $COIN stock & Price Prediction
06:52 Why Coinbase will moon
09:19 The future of Coinbase

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Coinbase COIN Stock Will MOON?! Coinbase AIRDROP?! International Perpetual Futures Trading!

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