Coinbase crypto wallet

I’ve been using F2pool as a beginner with a dogecoin/ltc miner just find crypto mining fun and cool.
Anyways F2pool paid out to me once and the 2nd time says it paid out to my Coinbase wallet but I haven’t received anything. Does Coinbase wallet make it so I need to update wallet I’d for every payment???

sometimes it can take a hour or so for coinbase to update it in your acct

I use and I get an email every day for the deposits into my account.

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Thanks but it’s been like two weeks or so is that normal? Any recommendations on a different maybe slightly better crypto wallet?

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I would double check your wallet address.


Congratulations on starting cryptocurrency mining - it’s an interesting and exciting worls to explore.
Regarding your question, it is possible that when using Coinbase, you may have to update your wallet ID for each payment. I don’t know, though, as I haven’t used Coinbase for mining payments before. That said, if you’re looking for a more reliable and flexible wallet option, consider creating your own personal wallet. I use sollet io as it is an excellent option for this. This web wallet is easy to use and safely stores and manages your crypto assets. Good luck in your mining endeavors!

Man thanks I was literally considering the other day miner to a USB wallet u saying this only makes me think I should thanks man rlly appreciate it

You can also use desktop wallets (a wallet you download) I use atomic, but I would definitely recommend a cold storage wallet more than anything. (ie a ledger nano type)

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