Coinbase Pro - ID verification

Coinbase Pro - Does it ask for ID verification & selfie EVERY TIME you try to make a purchase? I have been trying to buy a Bobcat miner for the last three days. The Coinbase Commerce link on the Bobcat checkout page does not work with Coinbase Pro - so you have to use the send USDC button instead. OK, so I copy and paste the address and amount and hit withdrawl. Here is the problem: Each time I try to do this, Coinbase sends me an email saying my transaction is delayed until I verify my ID - upload my ID front and back and take a selfie. I have tried this on two different computers - each time the browser is not able to recognize my otherwise normally functioning camera and I have to cancel the transaction before the Bobcat Checkout website times out. I had already uploaded my ID documents when I set up the Coinbase Pro account - Does it ask for a selfie every time I want to make a transaction?? I have never had so much trouble trying to buy something!! Coinbase Pro pretty much sucks and at this point is unuseable as it won’t ever recognize my camera for the verification selfie. Anyone else have this problem??

When I originally established my Coinbase Pro account I had to complete the KYC. After that, I’ve not had to do that for each purchase I made using it. I was allowed to make a purchase without completing my KYC again. I hope that issue is resolved soon for you. :slight_smile: