Coinbase Service

Hi, has anyone received bad service from them lately cause I recently got received my account on hold for no reason explained? I ask why they said they’ll take it to a specialist team and update me on it. I later received a message from them my account was closed. I message back asking them not to close unfinished work and they said thank you for your feedback but message customer service to continue the matter. I try my account today to see if it’s fix but now it’s disabled. I like Coinbase but not if this continues further with bad services.

I’ve had bad experiences with coinbase too, I assume they’ve gotten too big to be able manage themselves effectively. I’d go with Kraken instead.

If Coinbase continues this for too long, another company will eventually take their place. Coinbase is not the only game in town fortunately.

Me too, but they seem to be back up and running.

Kraken? Thanks, I’ll try that out. It’s still funny cause they still haven’t messaged me back yet. Yet, I am glad there are bigger companies that would take their place.

If so I hope they clarify things as well, their business was simple which is why I like it, I just hope they get their act together .

Update: They disable my account due to a refund occurring, my bank step in back in August and they treated them the same amount of respect for me, they ignore their messages. Now to use Coinbase again they’re gonna automatically charge me in 5 days or I can pay now.

Dude…I’ve been trying to use Karaken, but I just can’t get in the groove with them. Can you DM me with any tricks that help you use them?

20% on KAVA

Update 02: I paid them their fund, received no coins, and still restricted


Before paying it.