COINBASE STOLE 2K FROM ME 3/29/21 cutoff contact with me

Hey everyone, I first off i want to thank everyone here especially Vosk. I just found his videos on youtube at the perfect time. He has TONS of informative content and Tails is cute AF. I just bought 5 asic miners and i got going down the mining rabbit hole and im sold! Anyways thats not why im here.

On March 29,2021 I purchased 500$ of ChainLink on coinbase. I imediatley after purchased 2k$ worth of Ether at the time. The Link purchase was find and i got the LInk in my coinbase wallet. However when purchasing the ETH i got insufficient funds in my bank. Bank has the funds and they were in fact pulled as it is shown in the pic right with the link. Cut to the chase. Ive talked with my bank about it and it is coinbases end from everyhing i am being told. Coinbase has cut off all contact with me unless i blast them on twitter publicly. Then they make sure they comment that they want to assit me/help me. This happend on 3/29/21 lol. They emailed right off saying yeah thats you not us. Ever since its been silence on their end. At this point it seems i have no option? Maybe keep blasting them on twitter? Seems corny and childish though. and 2k for and get a lawyer sounds like more of a headache. Anyways thanks yall for listening. Any insights or similir issues with you guys. Id like to hear. Thanks

We need to sue coinbase and make this story viral. That is robbery and should not be put up with

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this is terrible, I can’t believe this, thanks for this info. everybody should be aware of this.

Did you talk to your bank about filing a fraud case? Usually fraud cases cover more than identity theft, maybe worth a shot, def cheaper than an attorney.

I think posting your bank account transactions showing that you had the funds and blurring out the non coinbase transactions would better help your online case out.

Equally I would see if there is a time period in which they have for returning the funds.

I actually had a human email me from coinbase. I sent them over a copy of bank statement. Im assuming once they look at that i will get my money back. That was like a week ago. I dont think they have bad intentions but very very under staffed and the ones working are borderline useless. Its very frusterating, but im optomistic.

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