Coinmine review

Someone just asked me about a coinmine miner and I have never heard of it. I looked it up and guess who reviewed it?

It was a great video, an honest review and looking back even that one gpu set up was a solid entry for noobs. I wish that I would have known about it back then. So I looked through other reviews on YouTube and ran across Alejandro Romo’s update. From three months ago. Not only did he ROI he came up!

A small beginners rig with a strong ROI. Even back then ETH was going to POS and people kept mining, lol. :joy: Was it good for experienced Miners ? Not at all. For new people absolutely! Looking at the comments a lot of people had suggestions of what people could do instead. He kept it running the entire time. One thing he left out was electricity over the years. The return on mining isn’t immediate, but over the years it is imminent for the bold!

@VoskCoin keep up the good work!

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