Coinmining central payment

Did anyone ever use the international bank transfer option with coinminingcentral? If so, how was it. It seems pretty straight forward but I’d like to hear from someone that did it before.

I’ve done it. Just haven’t recieved miners yet ( L7 November batch)
Just be very careful with your bank sending the correct amount. My bank accidentally sent euros instead of pounds.

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Also when you do it. Just make sure all the information is correct. Where they are sending it and what not. There are special bank codes that have to be spot on. The first time my bank did it she got a number wrong that I caught. Don’t know if it would of actually went through but you don’t wanna take that chance
Also make sure in the note of the transfer you put your name and order number so they know who the payments for.
Then take a picture of the receipt and send it to coinmining. I think its like
For them to get the money does take a few days. So if its something you fear will sell out. Just send crypto instead . Crypto is instant and they will sell the machine to them first even if u already sent the money but it didn’t reach them yet. They’ll just refund you in that case.

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awesome info thank you!!!