Hey Vosk Gang, I am thinking on pulling the trigger on a ASIC been a long time GPU miner (late 2015) But have yet to own a ASIC I am looking at buying the A10 Pro off of just wanted to ask a few questions, How much would I expect to pay in custom fees? Or even a estimate? And is a honest legit company? Asking because I am planning on paying with BTC. Or if anyone here might be selling one? I would come pick it up with cash in hand or the crypto of your choice. 8)

Thanks in advance

There are calculators online where you can calculate the customs fee.

Yes and no. They send out the stuff and they answer very quickly but their return policy sucks.

Ok but why? Why would you do that? You already have the stuff needed to build a GPU mining rig. Just buy 5700XT or similar and build a GPU rig where you can easily switch between algos when they get profitable. Also you’ll have double the memory!

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Hi, Gavin here from Coin Mining Central.

Generally there would be a customs charge of around 25% shipping into the United States. However, if requested our shipping can help in reducing your customs fees for you to around 50-75 USD per unit.

Here is a bit more information so you can have trust in our company:

Since the business was incorporated we have handled and shipped over 10,000 miners to our customers.

Our VAT number is the following: GB 330 0590 47

You can check this using the following website:

We are an official verified and tested store at:

We have partnered up with Crypto Compare on their mining calculator page where they have a link direct to our website promoting the security in our service:

You can see our reviews from some of our previous customers on their reviews page at

We have also just started collecting reviews via Trustpilot:

As you may also be aware we have a partnership with Vosk Coin where we provide ASIC miners for review on his Youtube channel.

If you have any further questions or would be interested in purchasing a miner please contact us at:



want to use less power, currently running GPU’s have several 12 card rigs running gtx 1660 ti’s. I want o get in to a asic for ethash as well since they are efficient.