scamed me

i have been scammed by please check details below. as i watched your video before and that you have buy from this company.

Hi Sayed,

As mentioned to you via email the units have been in a queue for collection to be put on the next available flight to yourself.

Your units were processed a few days after payment was received and as you can see from the tracking number provided that all the parcels have been booked and paid for with DHL Express:6437536674.

We are only provided tracking from DHL once the order has been booked, so to say that we have “scammed” you is completely false.

We are are doing our best to push DHL everyday and have provided you with screenshots with our communications with our shipping facility to show that we are chasing this up for you and we have been told that the units will be on there way shortly.

In regards to profitability of the machines this is something that is out of our control and should be considered before placing the order.

I do apologise for the delay and i have sent you an email to discuss this further, i have also provided you with a total coupon amount totalling £1100GBP for the downtime caused by the delay from DHL.

Kind Regards


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