Compass Woes - Posting at Vosk Request

Hello all,
This is my first post here. Vosk asked me to post here via his Discord Channel.

2x HandShake HS5 Machines
This is in regards to the Company - Compass.
Compass were fine for me when my two machines were running.
But once they stopped working everything went downhill fast.
Roughly around 5 months ago now my first mining machine. Went Offline. Compass investigated and stated it would require a new mainboard and would cost $300 and take 7/14 days to repair. I reluctantly agreed and nothing happened. This is now 5 months later.
Additionally to this my second machine also went offline, I don’t know why this happened.
I have been in touch with Compass Support, so much and I fed-up with contacting them.

The worst thing is the did not take the payments for non working machines offline. So they are asking for the full amount for machines that have not been mining. This is completely there own fault - If there machines do not work, do not charge me for it.
The also mention they offer Compass Credits for Offline machines, but these have not been provided. There was a reply, there were upgrading there systems at one point and then nothing came through.
Finally, they have started to change me late fees for non-payment (non-payment on offline, non mining machines!)
I’m not even sure I want to put up with this nonsense. - If they fix the machines and then this happens again. I’ll be back to square one.

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I get the jest of what you’re saying. In short they’re charging you for their failed service. Total BS.

I’d like to ask a couple questions, just for my own thoughts to understand the situation better.

Did you purchase the machines from Compass also, or buy them yourself and provide them to be hosted?

Is the bill for Operating Service (hosting) or for the Hardware also (like a payment plan), in a combined bill?

My questions are just to understand, I clearly agree with you. Billing while providing no service and also stringing you along is very unfair. So what now? will they steal your machines and call it payment? All in all, I hope someone around here has some pull to lite a fire under their feet to get them treating you proper and waving any billing until they actually provide you a functioning service.

And just to clearly understand this angle. You are willing to pay to fix the machines, but they are dragging their feet and not helping you? Is that correct? So in a way, had they provided you with 2 week service (board replacement) , you’d be mining with them now and happily paying your bill?

Have you looked to see when your contract with them expires? It may be in your best interest to negotiate an end to the contract and have your machines shipped to you.

I may decide to self host after my contract expires in September. They lost my machine that moved from Florida and have provided me with a loaner for roughly 8 months. I have no idea what machine I will actually get back if I choose to self host.

Thanks for the reply.
I purchased the machines via Compass but via the - Marketplace, Certified Reseller ASICs with Compass Hosting.
Yes, that’s correct mainly paying for the Electric Bill and they also charge to host the machine. I can’t remember the exactly details. - This is of course a nonsense in itself. Unplugged/Disable the damn thing if it’s not mining.

They have got in touch again and have promised to work out what the situation is.

Honesty, I’m not super happy to pay them $300 for the Mainboard for the HS5.
The HS5 (Handshake) are loss makers and all i’m doing is paying Compass the money they charge if that and making absolutely nothing.
For reference the won’t move the machine from one location to another. If one location lets say is charge $192 and the other one £172 they won’t move it to the cheapest place. But that’s a side issue.

I did tell them, perhaps 5 months ago to fix it. But now i’m so unsure. It seems like a waste of time. I almost just cutting ties with them would be easier.
Compass only offer 3 year contracts! I have gone over 1 year. I don’t know if there is a get out cause if the machines are offline or not bothering to fix a machine after 5 months.

Something, unrelated I just thought of when I purchases the machines I wanted to mine Sia Coin, because it uses less electric. But good old Compass charge the Handshake price for electric. This really screwed me up.


I had bad experience with Compass as well. I got lucky because the facility my equipment was at closed and I was offed to have my equipment sent to me, rather than to a new facility and I opted for that.


Compass are at it again. How do I put a stop to this madness. I have zero machines mining.

14 days ago (nothing since)

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What a shit show. I wanted to host with them a while back but had other priorities so never did, if I had the extra cash I would have which is just luck now. Hope you get it sorted quickly mate


Hey Dazzy VoskCoin does not recommend nor endorse Compass Mining, we also asked them to participate in our forum when complaints like yours arise and they declined. However, they did ask that I share this email to direct your issues and all info including ticket numbers, etc to - This should hopefully aid you, as well as others, in a quicker response and resolution.

Please also remind them you’re from the VoskCoin community, I have asked Will Foxley personally to please assist you and any of our other subscribers having issues with them.


Thank you.

A small update. I emailed them last Friday for the att. of Will Foxley. I have heard nothing back, not even a default reply to say they have received the email.
Just now, I have sent a copy of my email into General Enquires to Compass Support.
I have also ask them not to repair my machine which was going to cost $300 for the mainboard. Fingers crossed someone their can take some kind of action.

My God.
I’ve emailed them. Written to Support. Heard nothing back.
Then just continue to send these notices -

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Dang. Compass sounds like a massive ripoff. I hope you can get this resolved soon!

Are they charging $300 for a hashboard or control board?

Your best bet is to get your property from them ASAP and work with someone else.

I’ve heard nothing but horror stories.

I sent this directly to will foxley a month ago, I’m sorry that they’ve given you no sort of resolution, it seems that Compass is the last place people want to be mining with these days…

I agree w/ Adam, just grab your gear and move on,

Sorry to post all doom and gloom. There seems to be no escape from Compass they won’t answer any of my Support requests. Approaching 10 months now and they keep sending me Delinquency notices charging me $25x2 a month for nothing.
What the heck can I do if they won’t communicate with me but keep charging me.

Legally, do you think they can make me pay for machines that don’t mine. One of which they had said was broken and required a board replacement and the other I have no idea they haven’t told me what is wrong with it.

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No, legally, depending on if you signed papers handing the equipment over or not, they are stealing your equipment, by not allowing you to remove it from there services. If you cant remove your machines, you can have them charged with fraud and theft.