Computer requirements for asic mining?

Hey everyone, I got into Crypto about 8 months ago and I really want to get into mining. I’m thinking of starting with an ASIC but I’m not sure which one yet. My question is regarding PC requirements. My understanding is the asic does just about everything in itself, so I would just basically need internet. Is this correct? Can I run an asic on a chromebook, are they just browser based? Any info or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

Yep, it will do all the work you just have to have a great internet connection. Make sure to update the firmware and it will do everything for you. You only need a super nice computer with nice GPUs if you are GPU mining. Obviously, you want it to be reliable though.

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@Chsear11 Asic miners are standalone computers, all you need is the proper internet and power hookups. To access the configuration you can use your chromebook, or even your cell phone if you’re savvy enough. You just need to locate the I.P. address associated with your miner and enter it into the browser on your computer. To locate the I.P. of your miner you’ll need to login to your router and find the device list, if your miner is plugged in you’ll it will be on the device list. The specific user and password can easily be found by typing “Name of Miner” User and password into google. for example Antminer DR5 user and password. Once you’re in the configuration you’ll need to enter url for the pool and your wallet address, press save, then you’re off to the races. If you’re still having trouble feel free to contact me.


Hello. Do you repair ASIC’s, and if you do are you looking for any help on the East Coast, NC.

What machines do you have for repair? S17, S19?

I can, and on the east coast. I rebuild t17s. Charlotte nc

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I messaged you guys over a week ago with no response.

Could you try emailing again?