Computers used to run antminers?

Good morning. I have a question about what i need in a computer to run Goldshell CKB miner or similar asic miners? I am new to all this but want to learn as much as possible before my new equipment comes in. Thanks in advance…

Any modern PC (windows 10 or 11) should be fine, or any modern Mac. All the PC does is setup the asic. Then it doesn’t matter as much.

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Any computing device that has an internet browser and is connected to the same network should suffice.

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i want to keep it as bare as possible and only run the mining software.

I don’t believe there necessarily is any mining software. The unit is controlled over IP and you only need a browser to access it for setup. It’s self contained after that, unless you are changing pools or wallet addresses.

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what are your thoughts about for security on your pc?

thanks again for the help!!

I run Malwarebytes and Webroot managed through Pulseway on all my equipment except for dedicated gpu mining rigs. AC and anti-malware are always a good idea.

I also keep my hardware wallets on a separate laptop now. This allows me to keep it off line unless I am actively using it. I used a retired laptop I have for this that I used new SSDs setup in a raid array for redundancy.

Antminers are servers you can access there interface via any web browser including your smart phone. If you have an Android you can use googles remote desktop to link to your home network from remote and manage your Asics from remote.

The only Asics that require a external computer are the USB miners as they need cgminer to connect to a pool.

BTC Tools running on windows with a regular laptop was useful when my Antminers were profitable.

In case anyone was in my situation where I didnt understand the IP config, you actually have to access your miner through something called the Backend. This can be done on pretty well any computer.

This is done by just accessing the IP that was assigned to your miner (hopefully static) through a supported browser’s URL field. BTC tools was able to do all of this for me.