Constructive criticism

2x 750 EVGA PSU
ASROCK H110 pro
Intel i3-7100 cpu
SSD (though hiveos current flashed to a USB to test)

All cards are MSI 5700 Mech (yeah I know mechs arent the best)
I have NOT flashed the bios on the cards, yet. That’s my next step.

Questions 1) while mostly stable as in Hiveos reboots on open cll calls - can I get recommendations on OC settings. Samsung thats the best it will run without crashing alot.
2) Hiveos pool and Hiveos works great for added features and control but I seem to make less then if I go with Nicehash. Can someone confirm this for me. With just stock on the cards I seem to make more/same per day on Nicehash then OCed cards on Hashos.
3) any other recommends other then I need to flash the bios on each card and maybe tweek the OC after again

Thanks for your inputs, much appreciated.


EDIT: the mem temps at 94 and 90s are the worst I have seen in a week. Normally, the Samsung runs at 90 and the rest under 90.

For the 5600XT